Raise your level of health

Qigong is for Everyone

Enhance all of your existing health routines, increase the flow of oxygen to the organs, create deeper fluid transfers throughout the body and strengthen your Central Nervous System. Truly anyone can gain health benefits by learning and practicing a qigong set. From Students and Baby Boomers, to Corporate Environments and Martial Artist.

Boomers and Gen-X

Increase peripheral circulations, improve balance, and increase strength. Qigong enhances awareness and increases mental activity. An increased oxygen supply to the cells leads to energy gain with a reduction of common complaints... concentration disturbances, immune weakness, premature aging and peripheral circulation problems.


Improve your critical thinking ability and memory. Reduce stress and relax thoughts in order to sleep. Breathing can be a tool for maintaining a high level of health for a lifetime.

Corporate Environments

Learn to mitigate the effects of stress on the mind and body. Increase your mental and physical stamina as you develop greater mental alertness and strengthen your immune system.


Experience improved coordination and faster healing. Enhance all of your existing workout routines. Regulate your metabolism and increase your body's vascular elasticity. Athletes of all kinds can increase their potential for performance by enhancing the quality and utilization of each breath.

Health Nuts

Increase the flow of oxygen to the organs. Correct and align body posture. Create deeper fluid transfers throughout the body (blood, lymph, synovial, interstitial, cerebral spinal). Strengthen your Central Nervous System. Enhance all of your existing health routines.


Raise your energy level. Eliminate hesitation and fear. Increase speed, power and creativity.

The Traumatized

Re-pattern your nervous system to let go of fear, pain, addiction, anger and sadness.

Mindful motion, Focused thought

Release Accumulated Tension

Qigong, also known as Chi Gung, is a powerful tool to release accumulated tension and strengthen the central nervous system.

Soft Mindful Motions

A mind-body integration exercise, qigong are soft mindful motions that develop a healthy body and balanced heart/mind.

Focused Conscious Thought

Through Qigong you will learn how to engage motion very deliberately, with great mindfulness and focused conscious thought.


It's super simple... You have to breathe

Breathe better... Feel better...

Breathing with the 'Whole Body' will strengthen, energize and heal the body, relieve stress and settle the nervous system.

Learn to increase physical stamina, relax the nervous system, and decrease the heart's workload with only the breath.

Mindful breathing enhances awareness and increases mental activity.

Whole Body Breathing

Releases accumulated tension and stress during life's daily activities while massaging, cleansing and strengthening the internal organs.

Learn to use deep even breaths to develop greater mental clarity while improving mental stamina and physical health.

Increase critical thinking ability and the circulation of fluids with better breathing.

Body Mind Connection

Whole Body Breathing

The Taoist technique of “whole body breathing” makes room for the lungs to expand, promotes fluid circulation, encourages deeper/even fluid-transfers in the organs, and assists with the pumping of the blood.

Stress is Dissipated

With each breath we are given the opportunity to heal our body, release our heart and balance our mind. Breathing with smooth transitions between the strokes of the breath will soothe the nervous system, and is where accumulated stress is dissipated.

Raise Stamina

Breathing correctly will raise stamina and strengthen the immune system. Systems of the “heart and mind” that are tonified through the breath include: emotional stability, sound sleep, and the quieting of the "monkey mind".


Release tension, Gain clarity

Balance your Energy

All illness can be attributed to left/right energy channel imbalances.

You would rather have a little bit of balanced energy than a lot of energy that is unbalanced.

Most people are looking for more energy when in fact what they need is balanced energy.

Cultivate more Energy

Balance your energy and raise it to a new level.

A geared coordination of intention, motion, breath and energy... Practitioners of Qigong heal, strengthen and balance their body with breath and movement.

Our qigong will enhance all other energetic practices and movement arts.

You can do this

The 70% Rule

Practitioners of qigong make the most progress by operating within 70% of their existing; range of motion, endurance and concentration.

Easy on the Body

These exercises are easy on the body and can be performed by most anyone. As qigong students progress, so too does their "seventy percent".

Physical and Mental

Qigong strengthens and balances not only the body, but also the organs and their associated emotional and mental states.


Move better... Feel better

'Grand Ultimate Fist'

Defining characteristics of taichi include slow, purposeful movements that energizes the body, calms the mind and soothes the nervous system.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art derived from the Taoist principal of balance (the Yin/Yang). There are many styles of taichi.

Graceful Transitions

In life, just as in taichi... it is the graceful transition from one happening to the next that generates health, balance and longevity.

With each taichi movement it is possible to increase the body's breathing capacity, increase physical stamina, release stress, improve mental stamina, and massage and cleanse the internal organs.

We become what we practice

Wu Style Short Form

We share the Wu Style Short Form. The Wu Short Form encompasses all of the benefits of tai chi within a soft condensed choreography.

Tai Chi as a Vessel

Learning a taichi form is just the beginning, consider it a vessel to fill with internal movement learned in your qigong sets.

Heals and Strengthens

With a little attention, an empty movement can be transformed into one that soothes, heals and strengthens the entirety/whole of a person.


Time to tonify our health

Personal Responsibility

With the mass realization that no amount of medical coverage, money, power, or fame offers any protection from illness, our personal health has taken a priority above all. Health, is the new measure of success.

Over All Health

In these moments nearing the end of a world wide pandemic, the skill sets that raise and maintain the level and fortitude of our own personal health have never been more valuable.

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